Why book with capodannodiroma.it ?

www.capodannodiroma.it is the leading industry, with regard to the city of Rome, even the first site of its kind in Italy to have developed a special service for the booking of the New Year's Eve. On this site you can book your place now for the events of New Year's Eve 2014 in Rome, guaranteeing access to all the most interesting events, best price and avoid long queues. You will be given all the information about events in the city of Rome and even outside it.


How, when, and where,I will ship the tickets?

You will not be sent tickets. As confirmed by the receipt of the reservation. Consider that from the moment you have made a successful booking your inputs will be reserved and guaranteed. We ask you to be sure to bring with you to the party on the evening of 31 receipt of payment.


There's no way to have the paper ticket?

A receipt of payment (credit card, etc..) Attests to an occurred transaction, and its causal. Once you have made a booking your seats to the event are reserved and guaranteed. We believe it is the safest method, that no one will ever contestarvi in ​​any way, is the evolution of the so-called ticket "advance", which nowadays is a little outdated. However if you prefer we can provide even the "pre-sales" paper. If you are in Rome (even if you're in Rome of course) you can contact us and go to pick up the "advance" printed directly at our information and reservations located at the travel agency, we also have a delivery service to deliver them at the hotel or wherever you like. If you come from outside Rome or abroad, you can change the receipt paper ticket directly with the 30 or December 31 when you arrive in the city, spending more at the travel agency Travel or contact us to arrange a delivery location. Consider, however, that advance booking is required for many events, because if you wait 30 or 31 will be difficult to find availability for various events.


A reservation is required?

Yes, the reservation guarantees you the places to party. All dinners of various festivals always sell out several days before, so needless to appear at the event. The same goes for coffee after dinner, in many over the entrance after dinner also want the assurance of the table, and so are the first places to go to dinner together. To book after dinner type of input (input to the ball) is a little more time, but also in this case, especially for the most popular festivals, sold-out occurs often, you should then hurry and reserve seats for the desired event. Even if there was still availability of input after dinner in certain events, less popular, you will find no security input to a very long line, and at a cost (almost always) increased compared to booking or in economic terms or in terms of benefits, by way of examples:

a) party in the disco yyy price admission to the dance in "Advance" € 40 with a drink-not "advance" € 50 with a drink.

b) party in the disco yyy price admission to the dance in "Advance" € 40 with 2 drink-free "advance" € 40 with a drink.

Thus it is apparent savings are assuming A) (assets in euro) and the option B) (obtaining "benefit"). But what you can, and that is new this year, a proposal for you by the Staff of www.capodannodiroma.it the various local operators and event organizers, is that you can only pay a deposit for the inputs to the various events with the remaining balance to be paid at the entrance on the evening of 31, having already secured the entrance and at the lowest price.


How do the payments?

This year we introduced the option of the advance, selectable for many of our events (not all). Allows you to secure places in the various events at the best price, and paying in advance na only part of the cost, using the payment method you prefer. Each participant will pay the balance of the 31 evening at the event he has chosen. And 'possible to cancel a reservation? And 'possible to cancel a reservation without penalty at any time up to the date of December 27, after no longer possible, but you can give it to whoever you like.


What methods of payment are accepted for online booking?

On December 31, the only method of payment accepted is through paper credit card or by paypal! You can reserve seats to events with all of these modes: Card credit and paypal. To pay by credit card you do not need a paypal account, or signing up. To pay by credit card you need is a credit card, paypal and nothing else ... just manage the transaction, and it takes a small%. The cost of the transaction with the credit card is in proportion to the amount to be paid, so it is convenient for very low amounts.


I can rollback the "pre-sales" by another person?

Absolutely, you can instruct those who think we should move to withdraw the "pre-sales" paper in travel agency, or contact us to fix the date and place of delivery.


What is the average age of the participant at parties?

New Year's Eve in Rome is an event in itself, very particular, diverse audience from all over Italy and Europe creates a unique environment where in some cases can 'be difficult to provide an evening with environment perfectly homogeneous with respect to age level of the participants. In many public holidays there will be a mixed-age, however it should be noted that in the descriptions of each event will be given the target audience-age predicted by the manager of the restaurant, so you have a valid support information to be able to better target.


I saw there are telephone calls, it is best if you phone?

All the information you need can be found on the site. If however, you prefer call go ahead, we only ask a Courtesy: check that the answers to your questions are not already visible on the site and pesenti www.capodannodiroma.it


There is still a place for this event? By when should I book?

You can not know when a type of input to an event longer available. If the shopping cart gives you the availability, it means that at that time there is still room. You note, however, that generally the formula Cenone (especially in particular locations, hotels etc.) and table with bottle are those depleting first. Often even simple inputs to the prom evening exhaust the availability ahead of schedule so we suggest you confront with your friends and family to choose the event to attend and book it immediately.

What 'formula' book first "?

It 'a formula for the events for which e' expected (and shown specified on the site of course) guarantees a purchase price of more low and affordable compared to the expected price in the event that the reservation (with payment) is carried out by a certain date. In these cases, the approach of the date of the event's Eve in Rome leads to an increase in the cost of participation, another reason and example which shows that before you make your reservation (with payment) and more advantages you have.


What is the best party?

In addition to the main events of www.capodannodiroma.it also insert (especially for what 'regarding restaurants) events with less festive evenings. There is no party that can 'be described most beautiful of all but surely there should be an enjoyable event and for each of us. We try to include all details, the information for each event, making you (or hoping to do so) that you can calibrate your choices to the party that you feel is best for you.


How do I book online?

1) Go in the "Holidays", "Restaurants", "Dancing" or "Hotel" www.capodannodiroma.it and click on the "information evening" of the party you wish to attend.

2) Now that you're in the event adapter of your choice, click on the "book now" takes you to the section of the tab for "Pricing, availability and reservations." Check and keep in mind the does the type of input to which you want to join, and attention do if the case is in advance or less. If your input is in advance then pay the balance for each participant, only the evening of 31 December, directly at the party.

3) Also in the "Prices, availability and reservations", select the number of the participants and the type of input you want to book (dinner, table, dancing, etc..) and then click on the "Add to cart".

4) You will be redirected to the shopping cart, to make a purchase with confidence. It will show the event that you chosen, how many people, what kind of input, and the cost total amount of your booking (or the sum of advances). If you everything is correct, click on the red button, "continue".

5) If you are already registered, login. Otherwise, plug in your data in the form to the left, and choose the payment method you prefer (including credit card and paypal), check that everything is correct and then click on the red button "Continue". At this point the order summary screen. Click "OK" to proceed with the payment.

Only full payment is received, you will receive by email a summary of your reservation. Written may seem more complicated than it is. In fact theretakes less than a minute to make a reservation, and any questions or problems you can contact us and we will of course immediately at your disposal.

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